The Redcoat History Podcast

The Martini-Henry Rifle: An interview with Rob from Britishmuzzleloaders

October 11, 2019


In this episode Chris, the Editor of Redcoat History chats in-depth with Rob from the hugely popular Britishmuzzleloaders YouTube channel about the Martini-Henry Rifle. 

The Martini-Henry breech-loading Rifle was a very significant weapon of its era and was one of the reasons that the British were so successful in the Anglo-Zulu war of 1879. 

Rob really knows his stuff and in this episode, everything about the weapon is covered: its history; its calibre; how it changed battlefield tactics and what it's like to shoot. 

So put down your orange mocha frappucino, shave off your hipster beard and pick up a weapon - it's time to make a man of you.

PS before you do that you may want to check out Rob's YouTube channel which is mind-blowingly good -